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Staff Update - November '23

Staff Update: A monthly insight into the ever interesting and developing lives of the Powder Recon staff members. Next time you see them, maybe ask them about their diverse travels around the world…

This month we have a peer into the off-season lives of Ahna and Issie. These two became best of friends from working for Powder Recon last season... and they haven't spent much time apart since. Their friendship has taken them on so many adventures and sure will take them on more.

Let's find out what they've done since we saw them last...

October: Hiking in Kamikōchi, Nagano, Japan (left to right: Ahna & Issie)

Ahoy fellow powder lovers!

We are here to tell you a little about our lives since we wrapped up last season in Myoko earlier this year. Be prepared - nothing much happened, it has certainly been a very relaxing time…


After a great season we spent a bit over a month doing some demolition work togethers as Akakura village thawed out from the winter. With dusty shoes we said our goodbyes and went our separate ways to go off on some adventures.


Ahna packed her hiking bag and headed over to Shikoku Island to do the 88 temple pilgrimage thru-hike.

April, Shikoku Island: Ahna on the 88 pilgrimage thru-hike.

After a month of doing this thru-hike she spent a short 48 hours traveling back to Perth. Can’t think of a better RNR!

She moved to QLD to spend some quality time with family missed, did her diving certificate and explored South East Queensland.

Ahna, left to right: diving in Queensland, Shikoku Island, Byron Bay surfing with her uncle.


Issie jumped on a flight and headed to Vietnam with some friends, traveling up the coast sightseeing and trying every banh-mi they’d come across.

Landing back to Aus, Issie headed off for a short stint in Mt Buller helping run a ski-in ski-out restaurant.

After, she spent quality time with friends and family in South Australia she hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Issie, left to right: Vietnam Marble Mountain, Mt Buller sunrise summit, and staying with friends on a farm in Hindmarsh Tiers, South Australia.

...and of course she couldn't go past a quick stop in FNQ to see her parents and sisters and get some water-skiing in on the beautiful Lake Tinaroo.

Far North Queensland, September: early morning water skiing on Lake Tinaroo to get those glassy conditions.


After our separation (that was way too long not to see each other, might I add), we met in Brisbane, bouldered to our hearts content and hiked one of the stunning Glass House Mountains: Mt Tibrogargan.

September, left to right: Mt Tibrogargan summit high-five, Mt Tibrogargan scramble, Ahna picking up Issie from the airport.

This was only a warm up…

We flew to Cairns, then Narita, drove to Mt Fuji and slept in the car - again, amazing RNR.

All this in preparation for our goal:




We made it to the top, enjoyed a celebratory “strongie” and caught an amazing sunset with one of the most breath-taking backdrops.

September, A few slides from Mt Fuji: breakfast with a view, a stop at a closed hut on the ascent, Ahna with her 'summit strongie', sunset views, and summit.

After exploring Tokyo and surrounding, we headed to Myoko and decided now is a better time than ever to hike the mountain we call home: Mt Myoko.

We were gifted with another stunning summit view, made new friends along the way, had a few muddy slips (because it wouldn't be a proper hike without this), and saw a sprinkling of snow at the peak.

October, Mt Myoko, Left to right: Ahna at summit, Issie on the hike up, Ahna and the bright natural onsen water, views at the top of the mountain, a tiny bit of snow,

& Issie at summit.

This sure did reignite our excitement for the pow to come.

Next we stopped through Kamikochi for a short hike. We then headed to Gunma where we volunteered at a small music festival of creatives, including art, jewellery, delicious food and alternative and talented musicians.

October, Kamikochi, Left to right: Issie along the way, & Ahna at a beautiful pond we stopped at.

We have just spent a week in Kyoto sightseeing and staying in Shiga with a lovely Japanese couple that treated us with priceless hospitality, (Ahna stopping in at tropical Okinawa for a quick dive before heading back to Myoko).

Back in Myoko we are enjoying the leaves changing from green to red, before the snow starts to fall and the season kicks off.

We are enjoying our time off the snow, but sure are keen to be sliding down the slopes very soon!

- Ahna & Issie :)

October, Kamikochi, view of one of the many beautiful mountains.

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