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Powder Recon Rental Ski Range

We stock a range of skis from renowned ski manufacturers Black Crows and Nordica, and have curated our rental skis specifically for our clients. From fat powder skis to narrow all mountain skis and touring skis, you'll be sure to rip on your next trip to Japan.

Mountain Biking

Black Crows Powder Skis

An independent French free-ski brand founded in Chamonix, the brand is born out of a desire to collide beauty and efficiency into skis. Black Crows have exploded in popularity in recent years, earning a reputation for building skis that excel in deep powder snow.


Black Crows Nocta

The 122mm Black Crows Nocta does not mess around when it comes to skiing pow; the enormous width is maximised through the use of its full rocker profile, light weight and moderate flex. Charging through untouched snow is when the ski really comes to life, but even in tracked pow your mates will be left chasing your tail.


Black Crows Anima

The Black Crows Anima is a ski designed specifically for deep snow; it is stable and floaty with the ability to smear at speed, ideal for flying down open faces. Despite its 115mm waist, it is highly manoeuvrable, making it well suited to Japanese tree skiing on dreamy pow days.


Black Crows Atris

As the flagship model for the disruptive French brand, the Black Crows Atris skis are a powerful quiver killer. With a preference for speed and big mountain terrain, the Atris features a stiff and consistent flex pattern that pairs well with a rocker/camber/rocker profile to deliver versatile performance both on and off piste. With a waist width of 108mm, the Atris is sure to be a great ski for your time at Powder Recon.


Black Crows Atris Birdie

The Atris Birdie is the female big mountain ripper, designed with a poppy energy that provides feedback in every turn and its 108mm waist width is perfect for the deep Japanese snow, this ski will carve up the crud and the pow alike. It’s stout and damp flex maximises stability in variable conditions whilst the rocker profile allows it to float in deep snow. A ski so versatile and popular you’ll be hard pressed to give it back.


Black Crows Daemon Birdie

The fully rockered ski 99mm Daemon Birdie is a ski designed to be a fun, playful ski for anyone to enjoy. A layer of titanal laminate ensures reliable edge hold and stability at speed, making this ski perfect for carving up fresh groomers and variable conditions.


Black Crows Camox Birdie

The Camox Birdie is one of Black Crows’ most popular women’s skis and is revered amongst those who ski it for its performance across a range of conditions. Its 97mm waist carves well, charges through crud and holds its own in any powder stashes you discover.

Nordica freeride

The Nordica Freeride range is built off years of skiing the European Alps, with some of the best and most unique skis on the mountain. From the hard charging Helldorado to the award winning Enforcer, Powder Recon’s Nordica ski range is sure to suit your needs.


Nordica Enforcer

Skiing Magazine's Ski of the Year, the legendary Enforcer, is one of the greatest all-mountain skis ever built. Choose from either a 100mm or 110mm waist for versatility, and with a full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal for power and stability at speed, a blunt nosed tip to blast through crud, and a low rocker profile for full edge contact on hard snow conditions, the Enforcer is built for those that love to ski. Smooth, powerful and playful - ski everywhere with confidence.


Nordica Patron

The Patron is a flat out legend. Built with game-changing Powder camROCK, a High Rise Profile, a blunt nose tip design and a genius sidecut of 143/113/132, it’s easily the most versatile powder ski on the market, superior at speeds, surfy yet stable, and euphorically versatile.


Nordica Bushywayne

Rory Bushfield lives the dream, boosting big mountain kickers and shredding powder around the world. At 127 mm, with High Rise camROCK and a blunt nose to eliminate tip flap, his ski, the Bushywayne, is custom built to surf that dream. The widest ski in our rental fleet, the Bushywayne is reserved for charging hard on the deepest days.


Nordica Helldorado

Beware the man in black, aka Nordica’s mountain stomping Helldorado. Built for speed, power and all-condition domination, it holds big arcs like nothing else, and punches through crud without hesitation.


Nordica Santa Ana

Complimenting the La Nina, we introduce the powerful winds of the new Santa Ana. Sharing the same footprint as the new Enforcer, but with a micro laminate Balsa Core Technology designed exclusively for woman. This ski brings lightweight performance to higher level with a damp metal like feeling that gives you confidence, and provides that extra level of edge grip when the snow conditions get firm.


Nordica La Nina

Powder camROCK, a super light and powerful wi-core, and a 113mm waist width ensure that every run is lady’s choice on Nordica’s big mountain La Nina. Effortless float, super smooth edgehold, and a versatility to go from hardpack to bottomless to bumps all on the same run!


Nordica Wild Belle

At 88mm underfoot the Wild Belle is designed for groomers, and with that comes plenty of sidecut for laying it over on the hardpack. All-mountain camROCK increases the versatility, and for skiers who do it all, this is your new best friend on the slopes.


Nordica Nemesis

With the brand new Nordica Nemesis, all-mountain conditions have met their match. Built with wi-core for a 25% lighter weight, this ski has true camber underfoot for unparalleled stability with a powder tip profile and a 98mm waist width for excellent manoeuvrability to conquer any terrain you throw at it.

Nordica NRGY

The NRGY collection features some of the most versatile all mountain skis on the slopes. With a lightweight i-CORE Ti construction, each ski offers incredible performance and control at a breathtakingly lighter weight. Built with all mountain camROCK, the NRGY series excels on hard pack groomers, bumps, crud, trees or pow. Choose your width depending on the conditions and set yourself up for a great day on the hill.


Nordica NRGY 107

For all mountain riders and soft snow fanatics, the NRGY 107 should be your ski of choice. Able to handle the firmer conditions with ease, thanks to its revolutionary Torsion Bridge Technology - which delivers unbeatable control and stability at a lighter weight. The 107mm waist width means more float and playfulness when the powder stacks up. An accessible steep and deep all-terrain performer.


Nordica NRGY 100

At 100mm width the NRGY 100 is better suited to varied conditions than its wider sibling, but shares the same lightweight i-CORE Ti with Torsion Bridge Technology and all-mountain camROCK. This ski will give you confidence and performance wherever you take it.


Nordica NRGY 90

The NRGY 90 is a great all round performer, and an excellent choice for beginner and intermediate skiers. This 90mm waisted ski gives you confidence and performance, with a tapered tail that makes it easy to carve, steer or stomp wherever you want.


Nordica NRGY 80

The NRGY 80 is the narrowest ski in our range and is best suited to arcing turns on fresh cord. This 80mm waisted ski will give you confidence and performance for the lift-served conditions you love.

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