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Powder Recon Snowboard Rentals

Mountain Biking

Prana Punks

Prana Punks was formed by Naoyuki Watanabe, co-creator and long-time friend of Green Lab Snowboards. He shares the same enviro-friendly practices when making snowboards with as much passion and effort, using only the best locally sourced materials.


 Super Synchro – 156cm

The Super Synchro is your go to all-mountain powder board. With a wide nose and tapered tail, combined with nose rocker and a super playful flex, this board will keep you afloat in the deepest snow. Whether you're riding open pow fields or smashing it through the trees, the Super Synchro will handle it all!


Free Spirit - 151cm

The Free Spirit is Prana Punks all-mountain freestyle board. It's twin shape and soft flex will keep you smiling all over the hill!


 Easy Rider - 151cm, 157cm, 164cm

The Easy Rider is a do-it-all all-mountain charger. Classic camber underfoot offers stability at speed and plenty of pop and nose and tail rocker offers plenty of float in the untouched powder!

Green Lab

Green Lab snowboards are locally designed and made right here in the Nagano prefecture of Japan. They are a small environmentally friendly company, which produce very limited numbers of boards each year using only the finest Nagano wood from trees they have planted themselves.
Powder Recon is very lucky to be working with these enthusiastic snowboarders to be able to give you an awesome experience like no mainstream brand can offer. With only five boards in their line you can be sure that a huge amount of effort and love went into making each and every one, giving you an awesome Japanese experience in the form of a snowboard!


Explorer – 146cm, 151cm, 156cm, 160cm

Re-released for this season, The Explorer was the first board in Green Lab’s freeride series. With plenty of nose and tail rocker and a short camber between the feet, this board is amazingly playful both in the trees and on open powder fields.


Freebird – 160cm

The Freebird is a freerider’s go to board! A medium flex classic camber board, it will slay everything from groomers to pillow lines. A slightly set back stance and pintail gives it that extra bit of float you’ll need in Japan’s famously deep powder.


Roots Mountain – 157.5cm

The Roots Mountain is Green Lab creator and owner, Jiro Nakayama’s pro model and an absolute beast! With plenty of nose rocker and a set-back stance to keep you afloat in the powder combined with a stiffer flex and camber between the feet to rip on the groomers, this freestyle powder board will dominate the whole mountain!


Rastaman Vibes – 154cm

With a similar shape to the Roots Mountain, the Rastaman Vibes is slightly shorter but by no means any less of a charger! With a set-back stance and a blunt tail this classic camber board will dominate on groomers and in powder.


Bigfoot – 156cm

The Bigfoot is Green Lab’s only twin board. With positive camber between the feet along with nose and tail rocker the Bigfoot is a super playful all-mountain freestyle weapon!

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