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Backcountry Gear


Touring Skis

At Powder Recon we have a mix of premium pin binding touring skis and premium skis with alpine touring bindings fitted for rentals.


Black Crows Corvus Freebird

Binding: ATK Crest 10 Pin Binding

Whilst the pink topsheet might be offputting to some, for the brave the Black Crows Corvus Freebird skis stands out when it comes to actually skiing. With the rocker - camber - rocker profile, the Corvus Freebird offers the most precise feel on the steep and challenging descents. This is one of the Powder Recon staff's favourite skis, not for the topsheet, but the incredible skiing that happens, when the pink colour isn't visible...


Black Crows Ferox Freebird

Binding: ATK Crest 10 Pin Binding

The Black Crows Freebird range is re-knowned for their lightweight touring skis, with the all new Ferox the lineup now includes a 110mm waist in the touring setup. This ski promises to be lightweight for the uphill, and charge hard through the powder on the downhill. With new consturction techniques from Black Crows being used in the current freebird line, the Ferox is sure to be a Powder Recon clients favoured ski.


Black Crows Navis Freebird

Binding: ATK Crest 10 Pin Binding

Among the most versatile and one of the best selling of the Black Crows Freebord range, the Navis skis everything, and is primarily built to be the best ski to ski down, not the lightest ski to go up. The 102 waist means that it has float for powder days, but can still carve on the bluebird days.


Nordica Enforcer

Binding: Marker Duke

Skiing Magazine's Ski of the Year 2016, the legendary Enforcer, is one of the greatest all-mountain skis ever built. Sporting a 100mm waist for versatility, a full wood core sandwiched between two sheets of metal for power and stability at speed, a blunt nosed tip to blast through crud, and a low rocker profile for full edge contact on hard snow conditions, the Enforcer is built for those that love to ski. Smooth Powerful - playful - Ski everywhere with confidence.

ATK Crest 10.png

ATK Crest Pin Binding

Skis: Black Crows Corvus, Navis, Ferox Freebird

CREST 10 establishes its reputation as the most versatile binding in ATK® Touring category: its lightweight allows long excursions and steep climbs, while the unique technical features of the heel
part extend its use to the most extreme descents!


Marker Duke Binding

Skis: Nordica Enforcer

The Marker Duke EPF Ski Binding is the go-to for aggressive freeriders. The Marker Duke has continued to dominate the backcountry, sidecountry, and inbounds; anywhere the pow is deep, lines steep, or the snow is variable. With incredible elastic travel, the Duke is reliable when and where you need it most on big freeride lines. If you can only have one pair of skis or want a rugged binding to crush backcountry and sidecountry hucks, grab the Duke.

BCA Avalanche Safety Daypack

Originally exclusively for Powder Recon customers, through popular demand we rent these from our Myoko base as well. We have kitted them out with industry leading evoc backpacks from Evoc, and the BCA avalanche gear this kit is designed to be simple and easy to use.


Evoc Daypack


BCA Tracker 2


BCA Stealth Probe


BCA Extendable Shovel

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