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Staff Update: A monthly insight into the ever interesting and developing lifes of the Powder Recon Staff members. Next time you see them, maybe ask them about there travels around the world…….

This month we follow Yann, a long serving Powder Recon Guide and nomadic traveller, who refuses to settle in one place for very long!

A year filled with adventure that has cemented my love for the ocean, sport and family. Australia: Road Trip!

Two incredible months on the road in my campervan/home on the quest for wind and waves. Sleeping 3-4 people the entire time… A lifestyle that encourages minimalism however we carried 6 boards, 3 kites and 2 mountain bikes. It was tight.

Bali: Becoming a kite instructor and breaking a rib

I was supposed to spend 10 days in Bali to complete my kitesurf instructor course however due to the people I met I extended twice to stay for a month. My biggest regret was trying to front flip into the Blue Lagoon, over rotating and cracking a rib.

Portugal: Instructing and riding

4 months working in Viana Do Castelo. It did not feel like work. Countless sunset surfs, too many festivals and the most welcoming people I have ever met.

Taiwan: Kite trip! After spending $6000 on kitesurf gear I am ready for 2 months in a van with my brother in Taiwan: the windiest country in Asia. Then back to choking on untouched Japanese Pow. See you there ;)

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