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Staff Update: A monthly insight into the ever interesting and developing lives of the Powder Recon Staff members. Next time you see them, maybe ask them about their travels around the world…….

This months update will be on one of our Northern Odyssey Guides Patric. When Patric isn't showing you the best untracked stashes of Northern Honshu and frothing doing so, he is dreaming about it!

Hi guys! I can’t wait for next winter to kick off. After finishing up guiding around Myoko in March, I spent three weeks cruising around Japan in a rental van. It was awesome to see more of such a fascinating country, and to explore it at my own pace.

On my way back to New Zealand, I spent a few days soaking up the sun in Fiji.

Once back at home, I returned to a job I have often done during the summer; working in forestry to cut down wilding pine trees through New Zealand.

For the last few weeks and until late October I’m working on ski patrol at Tūroa ski field, on Mt Ruapehu. This place is extremely different from Japan, but I love the challenges and learning opportunities it provides. Soft snow is as rare as a blue sky up here. We deal with a lot of rime ice and a lot people getting into weird situations.

Looking forward to beautiful powder, katsudon and some lovely tree skiing!!

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